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Management, Human Resources, Law, Economics and Technology

an excerpt from the project list

Human Resources

1. Covering letter potential review
2. Evaluation sheet
3. Potential Criteria
4. Potential Identification
5. Employee motivation
6. Staff application form
7. Summary Concept Overview
8. Management by Objectives


9. A Letter to the Advisory Council about the Annual Closure
10. Audit and Requalification
11. Central Work Instructions Template
12. Commentary on Casting Specifications
13. Complaints
14. Conducting Studies
15. Data-Loading-Specifications
16. Diverse contracts
17. Diverse letters
18. Employment Contract
19. Final Assessment
20. FMEA Inspection
21. FMEA Large Series
22. Hardware Test Bench
23. HRIS (Human Resources Information System) Table
24. Idea Assessment Sheet
25. Idea Examination
26. Instrumental Analytics (Book)
27. LF32G - Process Steps
28. Maintenance
29. New Agreement - variable Compensation
30. Order Confirmation
31. Personal Safety Equipment and Technical Safety Measures in Conducting Maintenance Work.
32. Potential analysis
33. Potential Review - Evaluation Stages
34. Preliminary development process
35. Presentation Template
36. Quality Assurance Agreement
37. Sampling of Vacuum Pumps
38. Simplified Customs Procedure explained
39. Website translation Khn & Partner
40. Working at heights
41. Working with Live Systems

Document types translated in 2018

Brief corporate portraits
Company presentations
Corporate Communication
Data Security Regulations
Letters of Reference
MAFACT assessment
Material Compliance
Pharmacist Training International
Press releases
Procedural rules
Shareholder letters
Statement of a Football Coach
Test reports in the automotive industry
Test reports in the pharmaceutical industry
Training Curriculum
Training documentation